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Collet Chucks

A collet chuck is designed to provide clamping force around the circumference of a part, not just at a select contact area. The results of using a collet chuck is tight concentritity. A collet chuck typically provides repeatability of 0.0005 inch TIR or better. The collet chuck can also be adjusted for concentricity during installation to further improve accuracy during secondary operations.

MD Tooling offers the finest Italian made collet chucks available. Designed with precision in mind, they are manufactured to the highest standards. Incorporating flexibility of hydraulic or pneumatics ensure adaptability to any new or existing machining process.

Highlights of MD Tooling Collet Chucks:Collet Chuck

  • MSCTN chucks are made from a block of steel hardened and tempered to 60 HRC, and are ground all over to ensure a long working life, precision and balance.
  • MSCTN chucks come with ISO-A (DIN 55026) and flanged (AF) couplings.
  • With the MSCTN chuck, ordinary collets and spring collets are opened and closed by means of a hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder fitted on the back of the lathe shaft.
  • Collets come in the following types: BA single-taper, BD double taper, BAS multi-diameter, BE draw-in, and PE-PET spring.
  • Type BD double-taper collets are recommended for working bars.
  • Jacobs, Crawford, Hainbuch, Hardinge, Riken, etc. collets can be mounted using suitable adaptors.

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